No. 18 The Moon


「The Moon(ムーン)」は、生活のための苦労が終わり、『新天地』への解放の喜びを表します。 それは自分の生き方を試される『真実の門』をくぐることで新しい現実が生まれます。

Key Words



*真実か虚偽の決断を迫られる ² 変化の時



The Moon represents the end of suffering for the sake of one’s lifestyle and the joy of release into a new world. This is the passage through the gate of truth that tries one’s way of living and gives birth to a new reality.

Key Words

*Facing karma

*Change of employment

*The closing in of the determination between truth and falsehood

*A time of change

*Joint ownership of love and goals