Catch the Card

魔術師のタロット-Fortune Catcher/ Catch the Card

*General : 総合運

*Work   : 仕事、成功運

*Love   : 恋愛、対人関係運








注意 : iPhoneを投げ飛ばしてはいけません・・・

Tarot of Magus -Fortune Catcher/ Catch the Card

*General : A general, comprehensive message for you

*Work : A message about your job, wealth, and success

*Love : A message about love and personal relations

Choose one from General, Work, Love, and put your heart into one good shake of your iPhone. Consider having a companion with which you can share what's on your mind, what goals you are aiming for, your emotions, and more.

Gaze steadily at the card you took. Tap the card to turn it over and display your message.

When you wake up in the morning, before a date, preparing for a big presentation…

what you have in your hand then is a message guiding you to happiness.

Caution : Do not throw your iPhone.