iPhone 一振り!未来をキャッチ!


そのトートのタロットをベースに監修されたオリジナルタロット占い iPhoneアプリ。

それが、魔術師のタロット-Fortune Catcher です。

• Pop&Cute 斬新なオリジナルカードデザイン

• 貴方を幸福へと導く200を超えるメッセージ

• いつでもどこでも楽しめるシンプルな操作性

Catch Your Future!

An original, tarot divination iPhone app based on the “Thoth Tarot".

Also known as “Tarot of Magus”, the Thoth Tarot is a tarot deck loved around the world.

It's a Tarot of Magus -Fortune Catcher.

• Pop art-styled, cute original card designs

• Over 200 messages that “guide you to happiness”

• Simple, easy-to-use handling, any time, anywhere


*General : 総合運

*Work : 仕事、成功運

*Love : 恋愛、対人関係運

A simple single oracle.

*General:A general, comprehensive message for you

*Work:A message about your job, wealth, and success

*Love:A message about love and personal relations


A card just for you, based on the day you were born and a unique tarot numerology.





about Thoth Tarot

Thoth Tarot is a tarot deck created by the 20th century magician Aleister Crowley and illustrated by female painter Frieda Harris.

“The Book of Thoth”, which describes the use of the Thoth Tarot, was published in 1944, but the cards were not produced during the lifetimes of the two creators. The actual cards were made in 1969.

This tarot has had great influence in the modern era.

著者:レオン・サリラ ”魔術師のトート・タロット 新体系本格完全解説”